July 15, 2017

Street Fighter: Week 2 Recap

Week 2 of the Elite Series is here. Our Street Fighter players were out in force as they faced Team EnVyUs in the final game of the evening. Let's see how things panned out!

Infused Street Fighter

Anthony "GuN SLinGa" Phillips

Shakil "Shakz" Ghazi

Pablo Jose "Rivarsal" Lopez Rivadulla

Shakz v Nassim-Claw

Opening up proceedings would be Shakz taking on Nassim-Claw. The first round would see Nassim took full control of the round, needing the slightest of touches to take the round but Shakz had other ideas. Some solid offense saw a huge comeback and Shakz snatched the round! The momentum was in full swing for Shakz, comfortably taking the second round to gain a 1-0 series lead.

GuN SLinGa v TKR

Gun Slinga opens up his Elite Series campaign against TKR. Despite TKR attempting to activate his V Trigger, Gun Slinga's defensive play scures the opening round for the boys in red. In the second round, the Crush Counter is timed well by Gun Slinga and takes the second. We now had a 2-0 lead in the series.

Rivarsal v Confz

Just like the first game, Rivarsal is on little to no health and is able to pull off a miraculous comeback to take the opening round. Rivarsal had the momentum on his side as he managed to take the second round, securing the series 3-0.

Everyone put in a great performance this week but after a rough start last week, Shakz has been awarded with the ASTRO MVP award. His impressive victory in the opening game set the tone for the rest of the series. Congratulations to Shakz!

GGWP to Team EnVyUs. Infused Street Fighter are unbeaten after 2 weeks of competition!

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