November 16, 2017

Street FIghter Season 2: Week 7 Preview

Heading into week seven, the team need just one point against Method to secure their place in the playoffs. Let's take a look at the matchup.

ISDD, Shakz and Gun Slinga will be looking to be at the top of their game ahead of their clash against Method. Knowing that a single point is all they need to make it into the playoffs, it's essential that the boys in red bounce back from last week's loss if they are to secure one of the four playoff spots for Street Fighter V.

Method should not be written off. Fielding former EVO champion, Louffy, this roster is more than capable of taking down even the best opponents. The squad will have tobe at the top of their game to defeat them. The series could be a close one but I think that the team have what it takes to book their place in the playoffs.

The final week of the regular season kicks off on Friday with Street FIghter V. Make sure to tune in here and show your support for the squad!

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