November 13, 2017

Street Fighter Season 2: Week 6 Recap

A win against last season's champions would secure our place in the playoffs. Let's see how it went down.

Kicking off the match would be Shakz against Hurricane. Shakz managed to grab the first round but Hurricane hit an impressive Critical Arc in the second but it wasn't enough as Shakz still managed to take him down in the second round to give the boys in red the early advantage.

ISDD would face Infexious in game two. Infexious secured the first round in what was a close contest. The General responded immediately, closing another close round to take the game to a decider. Infexious played it cool and hit a Critical Arc to take the game and level the series. Gun Slinga would be up next to battle Brian. Our Balrog main took the first round before closing out the game with a solid combo in the second round.

ISDD would return for his second game of the series against Hurricane. Hurricane managed to take down ISDD to tie up the series at 2-2. Shakz would face Infexious in game five. Infexious closed out a close first round with a Critical Arc finish to gain the lead. The momentum was in his favour as he took down Shakz with a meaty combo in the second round to give exceL the series lead.

Gun Slinga would have to beat Brian again to take the series to a deciding game seven. Brian looked to be a much tougher opponent than in the previous game, taking the first round with ease. Brian then managed to take the second round to take the series 4-2.

GGWP to exceL, close games! We still have a chance to make it to the playoffs with a victory next week.

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