December 5, 2017

Street Fighter Season 2: Semi Final Recap

After an impressive performance in the regular season, we were looking to close out season two with a victory in Street FIghter V. Let's take a look at what went down in the semi finals.

Kicking off the match would be Gun Slinga against Zera. Our Balrog couldn't mount any sort of attack as Zera took the opening two rounds to give Prophecy the early advantage. Shakz would battle Akainu in game two. Much like the last game, Akainu managed to counter any sort of attack that Shakz attempted, ultimately giving Akainu the victory and a 2-0 lead.

The General would attempt to get a win on the board as he took on DarkMoonHado. ISDD took the first round before Hado grabbed a win in a close second round to force a third-round decider. Hado had the momentum and managed to close out the game and give Proph a 3-0 lead. The boys in red had it all to do if they were to make it to the finals.

Shakz would play Akainu again in game four. Akainu had control for the entire game and closed out the 4-0 sweep.

GGWP to Prophecy. We finish in 4th place for season two of Street FIghter V. We shall be back next season and we will be coming for that first place. #RedArmy

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