July 10, 2017

Snakey on Dreamhack: "I want to break into the top 8."

With Dreamhack Atlanta just a couple of weeks away, I caught up with Halo captain, Arkel "Snakey" Brown to see how the team are feeling ahead of their trip to North America.

Jonno: Give us your thoughts on how the Pro League went for you.

Snakey: Pro league this season was short as we only played each team once. It did make each series count therefore we tried even harder to win maps but i also would of liked to play each team again. Other then that it went smooth and as expected.

J: The team replaced Batchford for Respectful during the season, how has that played out?

S: It has played out well, we closed out the last few series of the Pro League fairly strong. We knew he (Respectful) would gel quickly. He brings a lot ofexperience to the team and an additional clutch factor.

J: Were you expecting a flawless performance in Pro League?

S: Yeah most definitely. We went into the Pro League confident and with the right attitude and mindset. Despite dropping a few maps im still happy with the end result.

J: How has the team been preparing for Dreamhack Atlanta?

S: We have prepared by just playing the game alot, watching back our previous scrims against EU teams and watching NA teams scrim eachother.

J: Heading into the event as Europe’s best team, do you feel any sort of pressure to get a high placement?

S: In the sense that we're expected to do well brings abit of pressure. But we don't fear any team and we will give it our best. We have attended many events between us all so we know what it takes to get a high placement.

J: How do you think the team will fare against North American competition?

S: Each NA team is amazing for different reasons. But we're going into this as a very confident and passionate team. But only time will tell.

J: Are there any particular teams that you would like to play?

S: I would like to play Str8, as its been my favourite NA org since H3. But playing Optic/Nv/Splyce or Liquid would be fun as they're all such talented teams.

J: What are your expectations for Dreamhack?

S: I want to be the first European team to break the T8, We're going for glory but nothing outside T6.

J: Any final thoughts/shoutouts?

S: Shoutout to everyone supporting us, all our sponsors and good friends.

Best of luck to the Halo team in Atlanta!

You can follow Snakey on Twitter:@infuSnakey 

Photo courtesy of Joe Brady

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