October 7, 2017

Rocket League: Season Two Preview

Rocket League was one of our stronger games in last season's Elite Series. An incredible undefeated streak in the regular season cemented our spot in the playoffs, but the boys in red fell short against a strong Endpoint team. This season, we've made some changes in a bid to get the championship.

Rocket League

Main Roster

Ryan "Doomsee" Graham

Jonathan "Radioo" Ekelund

Martin "MccLuvin" Read

Danny "DanzhizzLe" Smol

Doomsee and Radioo return for Infused for another season, alongside MccLuvin and DanzhizzLe. Replicating the undefeated run of last season will be a difficult task this time around. Each team involved is fielding some extremely talented players as we look to secure our first Elite Series championship.

The boys in red will be kicking off their campaign against Reason Gaming in what could be a great series. Each game is very important and ther would be no better way to start the season with a win!

GLHF to the squad as they face Endpoint in their first Elite Series match of the season. Tune in here to show your support.

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