November 6, 2017

Rocket League Season 2: Week 5 Recap

This week was a fresh start without Doomsee. The team would take on a tough Team Envy roster knowing a win would keep their chances of making the playoffs alive. Let's take a look at the action.

Danzhizzle immediately opened the scoring in the first game of the series before the opposition equalised into an open goal. Friis managed to break through the defence to give Envy a 2-1 lead, quickly followed by Waffle to make it 3-1. Mout rounded off the first game with another goal to put the boys in red 1-0 down in the series. The momentum was with Envy and it showed in the second game. Two quick goals secured them game two and a comfortable 2-0 series lead.

Like the first game, Danzhizzle grabbed the first goal before scoring another to close the gap to 2-1. Was a reverse sweep possible? A frantic start to game four saw Radioo secure the first goal of the match. Danzhizzle's lovely air dribbling soon rewarded another two goals for the boys in red to make it 3-0. Friis responded with a couple of goals to close the gap to 3-2 but it wasn't enough as the squad took another win to force a game five. Could we get that first win?

The opposition started strong with the early possession. Friss broke through the defence to score the opening goal adn was soon followed by Mout with the second to put the game out of reach. Team Envy managed to take a close series 3-2.

GGWP to Team Envy. Promising signs from the Rocket League team as they secure their first point of the season. Onwards and uipwards!

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