September 13, 2017

Jimbo Interview: "I Knew We'd Get Number One Seed."

Ahead of HCS London this weekend, I caught up with James "Jimbo" Bradbrook ahead of the biggest European event on Halo 5.

Jonno: What’s it like to be playing under the Infused banner?

Jimbo: It is amazing to play under an organisation like Infused that I can call Home, I've played against many different versions of Infused rosters over the years and it’s a pleasure to be part of one myself, especially one that is this dominant.

What do you think this team is capable of?

At this point, with this roster on paper being so stacked, I know we'd get the number 1 spot within EU easily so I like to look more to the international side of things. That being a minimum top 8 placing internationally, I've done it twice before alongside Respectful and Mose, with the addition of Kimbo and Coach Havoc I don’t see why we shouldn’t again.

Can you become one of the best teams in the world?

If we continue to grind out practice with a healthy environment I don’t see why not, although practice vs NA sides would be the fastest way to reach that spot.

You’re one of the few Halo players that streams. What has that been like?

Streaming is stressful, having people constantly judge you on your own gameplay has its ups and downs. It's just nice to show Halo fans what it is like to play competitively and show off my gameplay when I've grinded so hard to play like I do.

Could you see yourself doing it full time one day?

I really do hope that being Full time Halo Pro could be an option, really does depend on how Halo 6 is and whether the game goes down the right route. I have no doubt that I have what it takes.

Would you consider the team as favourites to win HCS London?

Yes 100%! I joined this roster knowing the slaying power was more than enough to be on top of the region and like to think I bring the more OBJ/Controlled playstyle to make our match wins consistent.

Which teams would you consider to be your main opposition?

Probably my old roster with Ramirez and Snipedrone (Invictus / R8 Beaver). They beat us in game 7 of the first HCS cup and look to be a strong roster. Vexed and Supremacy also are strong competition to be considered.

What are your expectations as a new team heading into HCS London?

Nothing but 1st place, I've won events without dropping maps against similar players alongside Respectful and Mose as well as winning both Halo 5 Gfinity LANs, there's no reason why I shouldn’t obtain my 3rd title.

 Any final words/shoutouts?

Got to give a shout out to everyone who watches my streams, I know streams haven't been as consistent as I'd like but you guys always come back to watch <3 Jimbros.

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