October 17, 2017

Infused Rainbow Six In Action

Last week, we announced our return to Rainbow Six with the acquisition of a new roster ahead of the 2018 UK Premiership. The boys in red have been competing in the UK Cup and the ESL Go4 tournaments. Let's take a look at how they got on.

While competing in the ESL Go4 this week, the team were also completing their run in the UK Cup. They went on to take victory in the UK Cup before taking part in the Grand FInals of this week's Go4 tournament. Heading into the finals as the defending champions, the boys in red were looking to take another win as they faced Eminent in the final.

The series went all the way to a deciding third map where the squad were able to take the victory, making it two Go4 wins in a row. Congratulations to the team as the grind continues ahead of the 2018 Premiership!

Keep an eye on @team_infused on Twitter to stay up to date with the squad and for all Infused news. #RedArmy