September 12, 2017

Infused Halo Secure Top Seed for HCS London

After a phenomenal comeback in last week's Gfinity Cup, Infused Halo were back in action in the final online tournament ahead of HCS London. Let's take a look at what went down.

Infused Halo

Brandon "Respectful" Stones

Luciano "Mose" Calvanico

Robby "Kimbo" El-Zein

James "Jimbo" Bradbrook

Coming into the Grand Final of this week's tournament through the winner's bracket, the boys in red only needed to win one best-of-seven series to take home the money and the seeding points. Taking on Vexed, it was sure to be a close contest between the two teams.

Kicking things off on Eden Strongholds, the game began with both teams battling for the early lead but after six minutes, it was Infused who managed to create the advantage to take the game 100-22. Vexed immediately answered back in the following Regret Slayer, taking the game 50-39 to level the series at 1-1. Coliseum CTF would be next and it did not disappoint. An incredibly fast paced game saw the match tied at 2-2 before some excellent teamwork from the squad managed to secure the final flag capture to take the game 3-2.

The boys in red will be returning to the Gfinity Arena this weekend for HCS London

Plaza Strongholds was yet another close battle between two of Europe's best Halo teams. The boys in red manage dto pull away with an early lead before Vexed secured map control and began to reduce the gap. The slaying power of Infused came into it's own, wiping all four enemy players off the map to regain control and secure a 100-60 win and a 3-1 lead in the series. Moving onto The Rig Slayer, both teams fought hard for the win, with only six kills between the teams. The boys in red took the victory thanks to a clutch double kill from Jimbo with a cluster grenade.

GGWP to Vexed. Congratulations to the Halo team on winning back-to-back tournaments! Let's keep up the momentum for HCS London!

Image courtesy of Gfinity

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