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February 26, 2018

Infused Halo Retain HWC London Championship

This past weekend, Infused Halo were back in action at the Gfinity Arena in London, as they looked to cement their place at the 2018 Halo World Championships in Seattle. Let's recap all the action from a great weekend of Halo action!

After sweeping aside the opposition, the boys in red soon found themselves in the quarter finals of the winner's bracket, where they would face a tough Myztro roster. Kicking off the series on Eden Strongholds, early control of the power weapons gave the squad the early lead. A solid two-cap allowed the boys in red to build a unassailable lead which led to a 100-18 victory.

Coliseum Slayer would be a very back and forth contest between the two teams but it would be the boys in red, who managed to clutch up to extend the series lead to 2-0. After a restart on Fathom CTF, Myztro had a one flag lead. Early aggression after the break saw the game all tied up. The momentum was in our favour, securing a second and third capture in quick succession, securing another 3-0 sweep.

The semi final match would be against second seed, Vexed. In what was a close series, the boys in red managed to take a 4-1 series win to advance to the Grand Finals. A rematch against Vexed would be the Grand Final. Plaza Strongholds would open the series. The boys in red managed to hold a slender lead before some effective trading from Vexed, saw the gap begin to close. But a late triple capture saw the squad take a 100-52 win to take the early lead in the series.

Truth Slayer saw another close start between the two sides but once again, we managed to hold on to the lead and take the win, 50-46. Game three would be Coliseum CTF and the boys in red started off hot, capturing the first flag in the first 30 seconds of the game. Despite Vexed having control of the map, the boys in red managed to secure a second capture and soon after, the third and final capture was secured. Just one more map needed to defend our title!

Vexed were certainly not out of the series and the beginning of game four showed. An early triple capture on Empire Strongholds saw them build a solid lead before the boys in red regained control with a triple capture of their own. The squad managed to keep control to secure the win and the 4-0 series sweep.

We are your HWC London champions! GGWP to all the teams we played and a massive shoutout to Gfinity for hosting a fantastic event.

The Halo team take home $10,000 in prize money and book their place at the world championships in Seattle.

Photos courtesy of Joe Brady

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