September 11, 2017

Infused Halo In Action

Since making a few changes to our Halo roster, the team have been practicing hard ahead of HCS London. Over the past weekend, they were competing in the second seeding cup for HCS London. Let's take a look at how they got on.

Infused Halo

Brandon "Respectful" Stones

Luciano "Mose" Calvanico

Robby "Kimbo" El-Zein

James "Jimbo" Bradbrook

Having already dropped down into the Loser's Bracket, the boys in red faced Vexed in the Loser's Final. The squad started the series off with a win on Fathom CTF before moving to Regret Slayer. In a close game, it was Infused who secured a 50-44 win to move to within one map of the Grand Finals. Vexed responded with a 100-78 win on Empire Strongholds to force a Coliseum CTF. Vexed once again started off well, taking two early flag captures and establishing control of the power weapons. Led by the slaying power of Respectful, the boys in red managed to capture three flags to take the game 3-2 and the series 3-1.

Moving to the Grand Final, the team would take on A R8 Beavers in the Grand Final. The boys in red would have to win two best-of-seven series to take the tournament. Beginning on Truth CTF, Respectful scored an early capture before a flurry of captures from both teams levelled the game at 2-2. Mose closed out the series with the deciding capture to take a 1-0 lead in the series. Eden Slayer would be next. The boys in red managed to secure the early lead before the beavers rallied back towards the end of the game but the team managed to hold on to win the game 50-48.

The beavers weren't out of the game just yet. A convincing 100-11 win on Plaza Strongholds reduced the lead to 2-1. The opposition had the momentum in the following Fathom CTF, taking the win 3-2 to level the series at 2-2. Despite a great start on The Rig Strongholds the beavers managed to take a 100-49 win to force a deciding game seven. The boys in red came out with the early aggression and it paid off, taking Truth Slayer 50-43 to reset the bracket!

Eden Strongholds would start the second series of the night. The squad dominated from the beginning, taking the game 100-11 thanks to an impressive 24 kills from Mose. The beavers answered back in The Rig Slayer, taking a close game 50-44 to level the series. Although they lost the previous map, the team still had the momentum in Coliseum CTF, scoring two quick captures before securing map control to run in the third to win the map. Plaza Slayer would be next and would be the closest game of the night. The beavers took a 50-49 victory to force a game six. Truth CTF would be the next game and Infused began with the quick capture to take the early lead. Great map positioning and being able to out slay their opponents allowed the boys in red to capture the next two flags to take the game 3-0 and the series 4-2.

GGWP to all the teams we played. Congratulations to the Halo squad on the victory! They'll receive 600 seeding points ahead of HCS London, taking placefrom the 15th-17th of September.

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