September 18, 2017

Infused Halo: HCS London Champions

This past weekend, Infused Halo have been competing at HCS London, to cement their position at the top of European Halo. Let's recap all the action in what as a fantastic weekend of Halo action.

Kicking off their campaign with two swift 3-0 sweeps, the boys in red soon found themselves in the Winner's Bracket finals against the French team of Supremacy. Kicking off the series on Fathom CTF, a very close contest between the two teams went in favour of the boys in red, giving them an early 1-0 lead in the series.

Moving into Coliseum Slayer and the team quickly established map control and secured both power weapons to move to an unassailable lead, taking the game 50-29 to move to 2-0 against the French side. the momentum was fully in favour of the boys in red, securing total control for the opening minutes of Plaza Strongholds. Supremacy began to answer back with some map control of their own but it wasn't enough as the team closed out the game with a comfortable 100-33 scoreline.

Truth CTF would be next and the team were on fire. Two quick captures early on in the game and it looked all but over but Supremacy responded with two flag captures of their own to level the game at 2-2. But, the momentum of the opposition was quikly halted as the squad put away the final capture to take the series 4-0 and move into the Grand Finals.

Grand Finals

The boys in red would take on Supremacy once again for the chance to become HCS London champions. The opening Strongholds match began with both teams battling it out for the early camo control, with the team coming out on top against the French. Supremacy began to close the gap but a flurry of kills from the boys in redx quickly sealed the deal with a 100-80 victory to move 1-0 in the series.

A close Truth Slayer from both teams was ultimately decided with a misplaced plasma grenade from a Supremacy player when the game was level at 49-49. Infused quickly capitalised to close out a very close game 50-49 to extend their lead to 2-0. Was another sweep on the horizon?

Game three would be Coliseum CTF. Early control of the power weapons from Supremacy secured the opening two flag captures, leaving the squad with all the work to do. the boys in red began to take down the opposition, secure map control and capture two flags of their own to tie up the game. Supremacy's Nurix managed to pull the final flag to give Supremacy a 3-2 win, closing the gap to 2-1 in the series.

The Rig Strongholds would be the next game and it's the best map for the boys in red and it definitely showed. A dominating 100-6 victory extended their series lead to 3-1, meaning only one more map win would secure the championship. Supremacy weren't done yet. Taking control of Plaza Slayer early on in the game. The boys in red quickly responded and regained the lead and eventually pulled away to secure the win and a 4-1 victory in the series.

GGWP to Supremacy. We are your HCS London champions! The team takes home $10,000 and the top European seed for Dreamhack Denver. We'll see you there.

Photos courtesy of Joe Brady

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