January 30, 2018

Infused Halo Finish T4 In 2K

This past weekend, Infused Halo were in action once again as they competed in the MLG 2K tournament. After winning the tournament last week, the boys in red were looking confident as they headed into the tournament looking for another win.

The squad made light work of the opposition in the early rounds and soon ended up in the semi-finals against Soaring. The series started off well, with the team taking the early lead before Soaring answered back in game two to level the series at 1-1.

The boys in red showed why their Europe's best on Eden Strongholds, taking the win 100-5 to secure a 2-1 lead. Soaring managed to respond in game four, taking Coliseum CTF 3-1 despite Kimbo doing some serious damage with the power weapons. We were heading to a game five.

It all came down to The Rig Slayer. The team managed to establish a five kill lead in the closing stages of the game but Soaring managed to close the deficit, making the score 48-48. Unluckily, Soaring managed to grab the final kill to win the game 50-48 and the series 3-2.

Infused place in the top four in the 2K. GGWP to everyone we play. The grind continues as we head ever closer to MLG Orlando!

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