December 19, 2017

Infused CoD Win CWL 2K Tournament

This past weekend, Infused CoD were back in action in the 2K tournament, following their top 32 placement at CWL Dallas. With a number of top teams competing, a good performance was vital if the team had any chance of making it into pool play for CWL New Orleans. Let's take a look at how they got on.

After battling it through to the top 16, the boys in red would take on Renegades. A comfortable 3-0 sweep from the squad saw them advance to the quarter finals where they would face Team Endura, who had beaten Splyce earlier in the tournament. In what was a close series, the team were able to take the victory 3-2 to move into the semi finals where the new Overtime roster were waiting.

The boys in red kept the momentum rolling, as they defeated Overtime 3-1 to set up a clash with Red Reserve in the finals. Despite some technical issues which occured during the match, the boys in red were able to defeat Red Reserve 3-2 to win the tournament, collecting 2,000 Pro Points each and a $1,250 cash prize.

GGWP to all the teams we played in the tournament. A great performance from the team cements their place in the top 10 European Pro Points standings. Another top performance in the next 2K will put us in a great position heading into New Orleans!

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