April 3, 2018

Halo World Championship Q&A

It has been a while since we have last posted an update but we're back ahead of the Halo World Championships taking place this month! The boys in red are already in Seattle, taking part in a boot camp to get the best possible practice ahead of the biggest event of the Halo calendar. Before they headed off to Seattle, I got the chance to chat with the team about their expectations ahead of the event.

Jonno: Firstly, congratulations on winning HWC London! How did it feel to defend your championship?

Jimbo: Thank you! It felt great as you would assume 😊. We already know our skill level is far ahead of other European rosters so defending it was the only goal.

Jonno: How do you think the team performed in London?

Jimbo: Dropping 1 map shows we really dominated the whole event including myself and Respectful making the FFA finals. We all knew we had to step up after our poor performance in Orlando, so we really came into London to completely run through it.

Jonno: Heading towards the world championship in Seattle, what do you the think the team has to work on?

Jimbo: Our main flaw is attitude within the team, the way we are approaching situations which every day we are improving. We all are aware with how to play Halo 5 and how we are wanting to play as a team but sometimes we see things differently just sometimes take longer to an agreement.

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Jonno: With Worlds taking place in April, how do you intend on preparing for the big tournament.

Jimbo: As there are only 4 teams currently practicing within Europe which gets very repetitive we are going out to Seattle early to get practice against the North American rosters to learn and adapt to how they play. It helped us out in Denver so we’re going all out for Worlds.

Jonno: Do you see the team being able to contend for a high placement?

Jimbo: Yes definitely, we are not happy with our placement for Orlando and believe that we can better our top 6 placing for DH Denver, we are aiming for the top 4. If you break that then who knows where you’ll place inside that!

Kimbo had this to say on the chances of the squad:

“We feel great heading into Worlds and we're looking at getting a lot of practice against the Americans. With our 2 week boot camp, we should have good chance on placing top 4.

Respectful also had this to say before taking off to Seattle:

We feel good ahead of the tournament and want to put Europe on the map, especially at a world championship. Every team in attendance is our competition at the event and no team is going to be taken lightly.

The Halo team are out in Seattle preparing for the largest Halo tournament of the year. Keep up to date with the squad by following us on Twitter! #RedAmry