September 4, 2017

Gfinity Elite Series: Season Review

Over the past nine weeks, we've been battling it out against eight other organisations in the inaugural season of the Gfinity Elite Series. A brand new platform for grassroots talent to showcase their ability on a massive stage. Let's take a look back at how we performed in Street Fighter V, Rocket League and CSGO.

Street Fighter V

Acquiring Sean "ImStillDaddy" Dench, Afsar "Afii" Ali, Shakil "Shakz" Ghazi & Anthony "GuN SLinGa" Phillips as our core roster for the Elite Series was a great mix of experience and youth from the UK FGC scene. In the opening week, wins against Prophecy and Team EnVyUs put us in a good position in the standings. However, some thrilling game five decidiers when we faced Epsilon eSports and exceL didn't work out in our favour and the battle for the top four places began to heat up. Wins in weeks six and seven against Endpoint and Reason Gaming all but secured our place in the playoffs, where we would take on Team EnVyUs for a spot in the Grand FInals.

Unfortunately, EnVyUs were too strong that day and we fell 4-2 in the semi finals, finishing 4th in Street FIghter V. The boys in red gave us some incredibly memorable moments throughout the Elite Series and we cannot wait to return for season two.


With some top quality talent from across Europe competing in the CSGO section of the Elite Series, a top four finish was always going to be a tall order for the boys in red.A draw against Endpoint and a win against Reason Gaming in the opening two weeks were good foundations to build on in the latter weeks of the competition. However, a loss against exceL and a draw against Method meant that we had to rely on other results to secure our place in the top four. Unfortunately, the results did not go in our favour and we failed to make the playoffs.

Rocket League

For the vast majority of the season, we fielded Ryan "Doomsee" Graham, Sebastian "Sebadam" Adamatzky and Jordan "EyeIgnite" Stellon for our Rocket League campaign. The boys in red dominated the regular season with six out of seven victories in the regular season.Looking confident heading into the semi final match against Endpoint, the boys in red were unable to overcome the offensive plays of the opposition, ultimately losing the series 4-1.

Post-Season Thoughts

The first season of the Gfinity Elite Series provided a perfect platform for undiscovered talent to showcase what they were capable of to a wide audience. The format seemed a bit confusing in the opening weeks but by the middle of the season, everyone understood how important a win and even a draw was if they were to qualify for the playoffs. The Elite Series also gave massive exposure to Street Fighter V and Rocket League, esports that some may have never considered watching if it wasn't for the Elite Series.

Here at Infused, we will be getting ready for Season Two with the intention of taking home titles that slipped through our grasp. With the players that we have and the support from the #RedArmy, we'll be stronger than ever for the next season!

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