July 16, 2017

EVO 2017 Recap

While our Street Fighter players were in action in the Elite Series, ISDD and Afii travelled to Las Vegas for the largest tournament in the FGC. Over 2,000 players descended on the Mandalay Bay Convention Centre to compete in Street Fighter V. Let's see how ISDD and Afii got on.

Both Afii and ISDD comfortably made it out of their respective pools before beginning the tough battle of the knockout bracket. ISDD was knocked into the loser's bracket early on in the Semi-Finals and eventually fell to DNASQ1 to finish in the top 64.

ISDD attracted a huge crowd for one of his matches

Afii began his bracket against FGC legend Justin Wong. A close 2-1 series went in favour of Justin and Afii was sent down to the second round of the loser's bracket. His next game against Tse4 was another close encounter but Tse4 was able to take home the vicotry. However, Afii managed to place in a very respectable 33rd place! Not bad for your debut EVO tournament.

Afii looking sharp in his Infused jeresy!

Congratulations to both players, a solid performance all round!

Photo courtesy of Vexanie

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