August 13, 2017

Counter Strike: Week 6 Recap

Heading into our match against Method knowing a win would secure our place in the top four, we were going all out to get that playoff place. Let's recap all the action.

Infused Counter Strike

James "redSNK" Littlewood

Aaron "AaroN" Hemmings

Ross "Trials" Campbell

Aaron "Frei" Frei

Mick "MCK" McDonald

Kicking off the series on Cobblestone, the boys in red started on the front foot, winning the opening pistol round. The following fourteen rounds were incredibly back and forth between the two teams but the boys in red were able to hang onto a slender 8-7 lead at the end of the half. The squad grabbed the second pistol round before establishing their superiority on Cobble. A solid performance on the CT side was enough to reach map point with a four round lead over Method. Method pulled back a few rounds to close the gap to 15-14 but the boys in red prevalied to take the opening map 16-14 to take a 1-0 lead in the series.

Switching onto Mirage and the team kept the momentum on their side, taking the first pistol round of the game. Method were able to asnwer back immediately with a force buy to level the game. Method managed to move into a convincing 10-3 lead. The boys in red were able to answer back at the end of the half but Method had a 10-5 lead. Method looked in full control, taking the second pistol round and quickly secured the game 16-6 to take the second game.

GGWP to Method in what was a hard fought contest. We're still in contention for playoffs, a win is a must next week!

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