August 11, 2017

Counter Strike: Week 6 Preview

Coming off a huge 2-0 victory against Prophecy last week, we'll be looking to take home another against Method as the race for playoffs begins to heat up.

Infused Counter Strike

James "redSNK" Littlewood

Aaron "AaroN" Hemmings

Ross "Trials" Campbell

Aaron "Frei" Frei

Mick "MCK" McDonald

The boys in red looked impressive in their win against Prophecy last week. A win against Method will definitely be a step closer towards the playoffs. Both Frei and AaroN had solid performances and will be hoping for another great game.

Method are certainly a capable team.The likes of Weber and Jenko are able to make an impact and aren't to be taken lightly. I think that this game can definitely be won by the boys in red but I wouldn't be surprised to see a draw between the two teams.

Tune in here to see the team in action!

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