November 6, 2017

Counter Strike Season 2: Week 5 Recap

Looking to take down Epsilon to make a push for the top four, the team were feeling confident heading into their match, Let's take a look back at what happened.

The map would be Train in what was set to be a fascinating game of CS. The boys in red kicked it off by taking the first pistol round before building an early lead. Zinken scored an ace in the seventh round to take the lead for the Swedish team and began to build a lead heading towards the end of the opening half.

After the first half, the boys in red began to answer back and managed to level the game at 10-10 with a risky eco round paying off. Effective trading from the opposition allowed them to build a four-round lead as they headed towards match point. The team managed to halt their progress with a win to make it 15-11 but Epsilon managed to secure the win 16-11 in a close game.

GGWP to Epsilon. We secure a point in the game but it will be tricky to make the playoffs from here.A big thank you to L1NK for subbing in this week. A great performance!

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