October 13, 2017

Counter Strike Season 2: Week 2 Preview

Despite a tough loss to Endpoint in the first game of the new season, the boys in red will be back in action against Team EnVyUs as the team look to get their first win of the season.

The new best-of-one format has definitely made each game more important than before. Last week, the team managed to come away with a point despite losing due to making it to ten rounds. This week, the squad will be going all out to get that win against a tough Team EnVyUs roster.

Team EnVyUs are an exceptionally talented team but ran into a solid Reason Gaming roster last week, taking the victory 16-12. The boys in red can definitely give them a run for their money this week.

Counter Strike kicks off this Saturday night. Remenber to tune in here and make sure to show youtr support by using the #RedArmy

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