October 8, 2017

Counter Strike Season 2: Week 1 Recap

Rounding off the first week of season two of the Gfinity Elite Series, the Counter Strike team was back in action against a tough Endpoint roster. Let's see what went down.

A new best-of-one format for this season meant the stakes were now even higher for each game. The map would be Cobblestone and the stage was set in what was set to be a highly contested map. The boys in red held a slender 8-7 lead at the end of the first half but the momentum quickly turned in favour of the opposition in the second. After some close rounds, Endpoint began to extend their advantage to take the match 16-12.

Despite the loss, we come away from the match with a point for making it to ten rounds! Let's go for the win next week.

GGWP to Endpoint in a close game. We'll be back for week two!

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