August 25, 2017

Changes to Infused Halo

After finishing the Summer Season of the HCS Pro League with a flawless record and finishing in the top 8 at Dreamhack Atlanta, a decision has been made to part ways with Kieran "Quad" Rose and Arkel "Snakey" Brown. We wish them the best in their future endeavours. In the meantime, please give a warm welcome to James "Jimbo" Bradbrook and Luciano "Mose" Calvanico to Infused Halo!

Infused Halo

Brandon "Respectful" Stones

Luciano "Mose" Calvanico

Robby "Kimbo" El-Zein

James "Jimbo" Bradbrook

The new look team have already taken a victory in last week's Gfinity Pre Season Cup.They'll be looking to get some soild practice ahead of HCS London, taking place from the 15th-17th of September at the Gfinity Arena.

Here's what Respectful had to say on the new roster:

"I have won several events with all of these players before. The new team is essentially 3/4 of the FAB Games lineup which dominated European Halo. Even Kimbo was part of the earlier fabE roster. I'm very happy for us to be teaming together again and cannot wait for Gfinity and Dreamhack Denver!"

Jimbo had this to say on joining the red army:

"Very happy to be joining Team Infused, over the many years I've been playing Halo I have come across Infused multiple times during finals of events. Nice to finally be part of the Infused Family! After winning the Gfinity Pre Season cup only dropping 1 map I feel very confident going into the 3 main online cups and HCS London."

We caught up with Mose ahead of what is set to be an excing time for the European Halo scene.

Jonno: First of all, welcome to Infused. How does it feel to be playing under the Infused banner?

Mose: It feels amazing for me playing under the team Infused banner.

J: You’re playing alongside Jimbo and Respectful again, how’s that going so far?

M: Playing alongside Respectul and Jimbo again feels really good. That was ¾ of the dominant FabE roster with the addition of Kimbo, who I won Season1 finals with, so I’m very happy to be teaming with old teammates I had success in the past.

J: What’s it like being one of the few Italian Halo pro’s?

M: It feels good to be one of the few Italians pro's. I just hope I can be an inspiration and a motivation for the younger players coming up.

J: How do you think your style of play will influence the team?

M: I think my playstyle influences this team perfect they needed a faster player and that is exactly what I bring to team aggressive play style and alot of objective play.

J: Do you think this team can be as good as the old FAB roster which dominated European Halo?

M: I think this team will be the best team Europe has ever had. We've got the talent and we are definley putting a lot of time in our practice to keep improving as a team. The talent is definitely there.

J: In terms of the European scene, where would you place this team?

M: I wouldn’t place this team anywhere below 1st in the European scene. Our goal is to dominate Europe.

J: How have scrims been going with the team?

M: We only started practicing properly in recent weeks, but scrims has been going great for us. I can tell we improve after every scrim we play and learn from it and that's the most important thing about it.

J: Heading towards HCS London, what are your expectations for the team?

M: My expectations toward HCS London is to win the event. As a team, we wouldn't be happy with anything but the top spot.

J: Any final words/shoutouts?

M: I would like to thank Team Infused for giving me a chance to play in their organisation. Also, I would like to thank my family for supporting me in what I do and believe in me also a big shout out to my friend Danyl which he's coming with me to HCS London to support me.

Infused Halo will be making their tournament debut at HCS London in September.

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