September 25, 2017

Afii on EVO: "I'm not sleeping on any opponent."

In the opening week of the Gfinity Elite Series, our Street Fighter player Afii won two straight matches to help us take the victory! I sat down with him before he heads off to the largest tournament in the world.

Jonno: How are you finding it under the Infused banner?

Afii: I'm finding it great! I was quite nervous giving myself high expectations to perform however Infused haven't applied any pressure and i've been able to keep doing what I do best, play SFV.

J: You were in action in the opening week of the Elite Series, how was it competing on that stage?

A: I was super excited! It was so professional and exciting that I couldn't wait to get on stage and play and be apart of the hype. I was super happy to close it out for Infused and hope I can continue the great form in the future.

J: After taking the win, do you think Infused could be considered as contenders for the championship?

A: I considered us as contenders prior to the win. I have full confidence in our whole team that we can take this and we are looking to win SFV hands down.

J: DO you think the Elite Series will encourage growth within the UK FGC?

A: The Elite Series is what the UK FGC has been waiting for. Much of the exposure has always been around the US with SFV however esports is huge in the UK. It was only matter of time till a huge company like Gfinity will take the open opportunity for the UK FGC and I don't doubt they will continue to do amazing things for the UK FGC and giving us players that exposure.

J: You’re heading to EVO this weekend, tell me more about the event.

A: EVO is hands down the biggest FGC event in the world. Every year thousands of competitors/spectators come from all over the globe to perform and make a name for themselves. It runs many types of fighting games like Tekken, Smash bros, Marvel vs Capcom and of course SFV. SFV had an astounding 5k entrance last year and also aired on ESPN. Really shows how far the FGC has come and EVO would be one of the fore fathers to discover such an amazing community of talent.

J: How do you prepare for such a big tournament?

A: I play almost everyday however I train specific things and match ups. I compete on small to large tournaments and look at my wins and losses to analyse how I could perform better. This also entails tedious training mode drills to playing long sets with all the top UK/EU players. Alongside this, I communicate with all the top UK players on what to improve on and small details that can help in the clutch. I see this like school assignments, if you don't study, you're very unlikely to pass the test.

J: Are there any players that you are keeping an eye on?

A: Everyone is a threat. I'm more worried about players I don't know than the popular tournament performers. I'm looking at all the top american and asian players mainly however not sleeping on anyone.

J: What are your expectations heading into EVO?

A: EVO will be my biggest and most challenging tournament. All I can hope is I perform to my best ability and this can take me to top 32 stages.

J: Any final words?


You can follow Afii on Twitter here: @Afii_

He'll be competing alongside fellow Infused player ImStillDaDaddy this weekend too! Make sure to send them your support over the weekend.

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