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Wed 6th Jul 2016 - 9:02pm

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In console eSports, it's vital for players to have every possible advantage when it comes to their controller. Founded in 2010, Scuf Gaming has pioneered high quality gaming controllers for both Xbox and PlayStation with patented innovations that have allowed gamers around the World to use more of their hand in a safe and ergonomic way. Their latest edition, the SCUF Infinity4PS, is the ultimate gaming controller for both casual and professional players. Thanks to new and innovative features, players can customise everything from the amount of paddles on the back to the length of the thumbsticks. Today, I will be reviewing the brand new Infused Edition SCUF Infinity4PS.

The Infinity4PS allows the user to customise the controller on the fly. Want to change your left thumbstick to a longer, concave version? No problem! The new SCUF rings enable the user to adjust the controller to the user's liking. All these changes could make the difference between winning and losing. The concave sitcks on this particular controller are great for long gaming sessions as they prevent your thumbs from slipping off in the heat of competition. Compared to the original 4PS the thumbsticks have a nicer feel and offer much more grip.


The brand new dual-core trigger system is a first for the PlayStation controller. The adjustable hair trigger mechanism can be manually adjusted by the user, to tune the tension and the position of the trigger to locate the sweet spot. This is crucial for the majority of console FPS titles as it increases reaction speed, allowing you to get the upper hand over the opposition. The quick shift trigger stops are a more advanced version of the traditional trigger stops that have been used on previous SCUF models. The user now has the ability to shift the position of the trigger stop to activate various activation points, therefore preventing the triggers from fully pressing down and further decreasing the reaction time. My reaction speed has increased dramatically since using the Infinity4PS. It definitely gives you the upper hand when it comes to FPS titles like Call of Duty and Halo. In addition to these new features, the Infinity4PS trigger extenders make the controller suit players with larger hand sizes and also improve trigger accuracy. As someone who has never used the trigger extenders before, I can say that they have made a considerable difference to my gameplay.



Scuf Gaming have been reknowned for the paddles on the back of the controller and electro-magnetic remapping system on their Xbox One controllers. Available on the Infinity4PS, the EMR sytem enables the user to remap the paddles on the fly, using the SCUF Mag Key. As always with SCUF, the choice and quality of grip on the back on the controller is second to none. You can select the SCUF Pro Grip which covers most of the rear of the controller, improving grip on the controller. The other option is the Military Grade SCUF Grip. This style of grip is used in the military to coat various military equipment. The textured, non-slip surface covers the whole controller and is perfect for long hours of gaming. Having never used a gaming controller with a grip on the back, it's brilliant for any extensive gaming sessions. The non-slip surface is very comfortable and keeps your hands steady, even when they are sweating.



The SCUF Infinity4PS is a phenomenal accessory for any gamer looking to improve their skills or to take their eSports career to the next level. Its limitless customisation options make it perfect for players of FPS titles such as Call of Duty and Halo, thanks to the innovative trigger stop system. This controller can give you the upper hand over almost anyone. If you want a controller that can be specifically designed for your personal preferences, then look no further than the SCUF Infinity4PS.


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