Infinite Options, Two Solutions: Moose & Nolson Join Infused CoD



Thu 6th Oct 2016 - 6:29pm

: Infused

After a very successful year on Black Ops 3, Infused CoD parted ways with Zer0 and Urban, leaving MarkyB and Peatie looking to fill the gap. Here at Infused we are pleased to announce that Tom "Moose" Handley and Nick "Nolson" Nolson will be joining Infused CoD for the upcoming Infinite Warfare season!

Infused CoD

Mark "MarkyB" Bryceland

Tom "Moose" Handley

Adam "Peatie" Peate

Nick "Nolson" Nolson


Joining from Epsilon eSports, Moose will be joining familiar faces in Marky and Peatie, having competed alongside them under TCM during the Ghosts season. Nolson has impressed many over the Black Ops 3 season under the HyperGames organisation, placing in 2nd at the CWL Summer Masters earlier in the year. Alongside MarkyB and Peatie, Moose is the highest placed European player at an MLG CoD event, finishing 3rd with TCM back on Ghosts. The new team will be heading into the new season looking to improve on what has been a great season of Call of Duty for Infused.


Here's what Moose had to say on the new roster:


"Super happy to be teaming with Marky, Peatie and Nolson. I've wanted to team back with Peatie and Marky for a very long time now and now i finally have the chance plus the addition of the Nolson and the raw talent he provides I have nothing but high hopes for this team and I cannot wait to get things underway on Infinite Warfare and hopefully win some championships for EU and Infused!"


MarkyB also had this to say:


"Glad to finally be able to assemble a new but somewhat familiar roster with myself and Peatie previously teaming with Moose under the TCM banner. Aim as always, to win. Nothing less. So with that being said the final player is Nolson, he's been majorly improving over the last year and had a good showing with HyperGames, I believe surrounding himself with more experience will allow him to flourish as a player, I expect big things from him this year. Thanks to infused for the continued support, they've been a fantastic home to us over the last year and a bit and I'm glad to continue our legacy together."


The boys in red will be ready to go as soon as Infinite Warfare drops in November, with the intentions of becoming the best European team.

Keep an eye on @team_infused to find out when the squad will be in action!





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