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Thu 26th Jan 2017 - 3:34pm

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This weekend, 16 of Europe's best Call of Duty teams will battle it out for a share of $25,000 and a massive amount of Pro Points. In what is set to be a great weekend of CoD esports action, we take a look at what we can expect from CWL London.

Infused  come into this weekend with two top 4 and a top 8 placement out of three 2K tournaments so far, securing the third seed for the tournament. The squad have came up against strong competition along the way in teams such as the new Fnatic roster, Orbit and Splyce. The team will be looking to carry over their consistency from online tournaments, over to LAN.


Infused will start the challenge for a share of $25,000 in group D, alongside FNATIC, Black Forest Games and Hadouken. With Infused coming into the tournament as the third seed, they will look to take the top spot in the group with FNATIC the most likely to be their biggest challenge in the group. Although Black Forest Games and Hadouken are below Infused in the Pro Point ladder, they can’t afford to risk complacency against these squads if they are to place well this tournament.


CWL London is a great opportunity for a lot of European teams who might not be able to reach pool play for MLG Atlanta. They need to take advantage of this chance and make a push for a good placement if they are in with a chance of reaching the  cash prizes and a large amount of Pro Points that are up for grabs.. This tournament will also feature 3 teams who still find themselves without an organisation to represent. So far only two teams who did not have an organisation have been signed up under the FNATIC and The Imperial banner. Team 3G (Niall’s Team) are the best bet for an organisation to gain a head start in competitive Call of Duty as they find themselves in 7th place on the Pro Point ladder. Could these teams without an organisation cause a real upset?,474&ssl=1


Splyce goes into this tournament as the favourites after consecutive 2K tournament wins leaves them well ahead in the Pro Point ladder with Elevate and Infused will be hoping to keep up the pressure on LAN. With a number of unknown possibilities at this tournament will we be seeing some early upsets in the tournament or will the big teams live up to the expectations and take control of the tournament by the off?

CWL London is live now! Tune in here. Keep an eye on our Twitter @team_infused to find out when the squad will be in action! #RedArmy


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By Scott Henderson (@Eminent_Skippyy)



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