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Mon 7th Dec 2015 - 10:59pm

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As many know, this weekend was the home of the Call of Duty World League Qualifiers over Europe, American and Australia. Within this post we are going to take a direct focus on Team Infused and the group that they had in the qualifier and then later on we'll be taking a look at all the qualifying groups. So for now, let's take a look at who we were sending for the weekend in terms of players:

So what roster is attending?

 Mark "MarkyB" Bryceland
 David "Urban" Marsh
 Adam "Peatie" Peate
 Trei "Zer0" Morris






So what teams were in the group?


Team Vitality 
Giants Gaming 
Team Infused 
Epsilon Esports 


Let's take a look at the rosters from each team:



Team Vitality [BroKeN, RiskiN, Gotaga, Wailers]
Giants Gaming [TojoR, EupHo, Pelukaa, JaayZ]
Team Infused [Peatie, MarkyB, Zer0, Urban]
Epsilon Esports [Rated, Joee, Watson, Moose]


So how did the games go?


Upper Bracket Match 1 Team Infused vs Team Vitality
  Team Infused win [3 - 2]
Upper Bracket Match 2 Giants Gaming vs Epsilon Esports 
  Epsilon Esports win [3 - 0]
Loser Bracket Round 1 Team Vitality vs Giants Gaming
  Team Vitality win [3 - 0]
Upper Bracket Finals Team Infused vs Epsilon Esports
  Epsilon Esports win [3 - 2]
2nd Qualifying spot Team Infused vs Team Vitality
  Team Infused win [3 - 0]


And with the final game being completed and Infused anihilating Team Vitality 3 - 0, Team Infused are the 2nd qualified European team for the World Championship League! Keep an eye out on our website for more information coming soon!




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