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Mon 10th Apr 2017 - 8:28pm

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Last week, we revealed our brand new Rocket League division ahead of the Gfinity Elite Series. The new team have already been preparing, competing in the MCS League for a share of a $5000 prize pool. Let's see how the squad got on.


Infused Rocket League


Ryan "Doomsee" Graham
Sebastian "Sebadam" Adamatzky
Daniel "Bluey" Bluett
Leon "LJourney" Jesse
Jordan "EyeIgnite" Stellon


The opening match for the boys in red would be against Team Effort. The team were able to start with early possession and were soon to capitalise with goals coming in left,right and centre for Infused. Bluey was able to score from an obscene angle to give the team an early 2-0 lead!



Infused were able to beat Team Effort with ease, cementing their place at the top of the MCS table! The team also took on One Trick Pony and managed to sweep them 3-0 before their thrilling encounter with Team Effort. The squad are looking great so far and will be in action at Insomnia 60 and will be competing for a whopping £10,000 prize pool!

A great start to the MCS from the Rocket League team! Let's hope it continues.


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