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Wed 8th Feb 2017 - 7:24pm

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Taking place at the Georgia Would Congress Centre, CWL Atlanta is the first international Call of Duty event on Infinite Warfare. Over 170 teams are set to be competing for a share of $200,000 and a share of nearly 100,000 Pro Points. With the importance for Pro Points higher than ever, Atlanta should be able to give us a benchmark and give us an idea of how close the competition is. Here, I’ll be looking at group B.



Jurd | Bance | Madcat | Joshh

Half of the Splyce roster finished 2nd back at CoD XP last year and more recently, the current roster finished 2nd at CWL London. The roster swap seems to have been a successful change, bringing in Dylan “Madcat” Daly and Jordan “Jurd” Crowley from Millenium. Along with Orbit and Elevate, they’re considered to be at the top of the European CoD scene.

Heading into Atlanta with the top seed for Europe, a good showing here will be essential if they are to be regarded as one of the best teams in the world. Splyce are no strangers to MLG group play having made it through the open bracket and managing to secure 2nd place in their respective group. Tough opposition in the forms of Allegiance and OpTic Gaming could well be a challenge but these players are certainly capable of competing with the best.




OpTic Gaming

Crimsix | Scump | Karma | Formal

There’s no doubt that the current OpTic roster is one of the very best. However, coming into Atlanta with the fifth seed, the Green Wall have yet to assert their dominance on Infinite Warfare. At MLG Vegas, OpTic were unable to make it into the top half of the championship bracket and had the mammoth task of battling through the loser’s bracket from the outset.

Since Vegas, OG have been practicing more and look to be in better shape coming into the event. A win in Atlanta would cement their position at the pinnacle of CoD esports but if they were to fail making it out of the group for a second consecutive tournament, would they even consider a roster change?




Team Allegiance

Sinful | Remy | Royalty | Mochila

Out of all the teams in this particular group, Allegiance placed the highest at MLG Vegas, finishing in fourth place. Matthew “Royalty” Faithfull is the x-factor in this squad of highly experienced players. The movement mechanics of Infinite Warfare combined with his high-sensitivity and sheer aggressiveness could prove to be problematic for their opponents.

On the contrary, their online performances have impacted on their position in the NA Pro Point Ladder, currently sitting in 7th. A poor performance here could hinder this team in their efforts to secure a place at the Global LAN League.


Evil Geniuses

Nameless | Havok | Nagafen | StuDyy

Back at MLG Vegas, EG played Splyce and were able to defeat the European team in a 5-game thriller. They also faced Allegiance in pool play and managed to beat them, but they were unable to finish the group in the top two and began the tournament in the loser’s bracket. They only lost to one team at Vegas, losing to Luminosity in the pools and in the loser’s bracket.

If EG can begin the tournament on the front foot, they have a genuine chance of taking one of the top two places in the group. Although this will certainly be a difficult task, this team have the potential to achieve it.


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Photos courtesy of Joe Brady & VentureBeat


By Jonno Nicholson (@MrJonno_95)




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