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Mon 23rd Jan 2017 - 4:05pm

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Yesterday, we revealed that we have acquired our brand new Counter Strike team for the 2017 season. The former NOTB squad will be under the Infused banner as they compete in the ESL UK Premiership, with the intentions of becoming champions. Without further ado, let's meet the team!

Infused CS:GO



Shane "SHANEY" Smith @shaneyCSGO

Oscar "Ozzy" Scott @ozzycsgo

Steven "Snakey" Dang @SnakeyCSGO

James "Lumji" Webb @LumjiCSGO


Captained by former ESL Premiership champion SHEEKEY, he'll be joined by long time duo, SHANEY, giving us a great foundation of experience to work with. Competing alongside them will be Ozzy and Lumji, players who have been a part of some top UK teams over the past years. These young players are looking to bring their raw fragging power to the side, with the intention of taking home the ESL Premiership title. Completing the roster will be Snakey. A fairly new player to the UK scene, Snakey definitely has the potential to make an impact on the UK CS scene.


Here's what team captain, Sheekey had to say on the news:


"It feels good to be playing under the Team Infused name once again. Playing with some old and new team mates, I'm hoping we can become a new force in the UK CS scene and eventually in Europe with time. A massive thanks to Andrew and the rest of the Infused and there sponsors for this oportunity."


Shaney also had this to say:


"I am proud to be playing under Team Infused. As a team we have a good range of experience and skill. We will be making our journey a successful one in 2017, representing the #RedArmy"

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