Insomnia55 LoL Qualifier Preview



Fri 7th Aug 2015 - 10:11am

: Gaming

 With the Insomnia55 Preview going live, we decided to take a closer look at the upcoming Qualifier for League of Legends. As usual, most of the events have a pre-Qualifier. This event we will see a fair few roster shifts having taken place. In fact within the top 3 or 4 teams, the only roster to keep the majority of its players is FM! eSports. Who have dropped out two to pick up Visdom and Toaster. The Team Infused roster was announced just before epicLAN and has made one change for the upcoming qualifiers. Alongside this we look at CHOKE Gaming who are fielding just one member from their former team which is DxAlchemist. He will be joined by former FM player Sir Scott, former Perilous Player Hadow and also Nocturnal Plex/Dumbo. The prize for the Qualifier will be 5 tickets for the event / a reimbursement if you already bought your tickets.

Lets take a look at the teams taking part:

 Team Infused (Alphari, Cr1tbud, Charlietea, Nowayitscrips, Arphan)
 FM! eSports (Tundra, Nutri, ZiviZ, Visdom, Toaster)
 R.O.A.M.S (CRT Inferno, LOLItsRyan, Goreface, morbidlyAbeast, MightyMitch)
 exceL eSports (xL Joekerism, xL Ped, xL Nesquik, xL Exabyte, xL Artorias)
 Still A Kill (SMOrc Otzi, TeeMox, AppelTee, Vermoid, gR Voljin)
 Staffordshire University (Odium, NiftT, Fakado, RhysJura, BarnyZeEsTaR)
 Team Extreme Supremacy (Qu4ntumMelia, Baxauer, vANEZ, Knuutt, BaneyD)
 Perilous Void (Keys, Ssumday, UoB Nyx, Rhod II, FlashmytashDon, Walrus)
 Simplexity Gaming (Koper, ArrestedPie, Frozen Dawn, UOB Bluebear, UOB Overload)
 Gaben laser Beam Kappa (Shawsy347, GLB Plausible, goose27, GLB Catch, GLB Pots)
 Choke Gaming (The Hadow, Sir Scott, DxAlchemist, Nocturnal Plex, Dumbo)
 MnM Gaming (MnM SmokeyLemon, MnM HalfPastThor, MnM Prosfair, MnM Flash, MnM vale)


With the teams above, there is no shortage of some intense games due to come. For example, MnM Gaming have Vale and SmokeyLemon who have also been known so do some damage in the past, we see Joekerism from xL and other than that, it's very clear that Team Infused, FM! eSports and CHOKE are going to bring some immense plays. My top 3 expectations for the qualifier are:


   Team Infused / FM! eSports
   Team Infused / FM! eSports
   CHOKE Gaming / Supremacy


So keep an eye out this weekend for the upcoming qualifiers!




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    I was there to watch this and I thought it went pretty well. I had to get some assignment help first before going and I got that help and then I went to I55. Had a great time watching this qualifier.

  • Mon 13th Mar 2017 - 10:15am

    Oh nice, this is a pretty nice preview, sums up the qualifier quite nicely. There was this another preview on and that was pretty nice as well. You have done a commendable job with it, keep it up!

  • Sun 12th Mar 2017 - 8:07pm

    I do not care about the preview much and all that matters is that they qualified! When I learned about it on superiorpapers, I did not read anything further and was just super happy that they qualified! I am a super huge fan and it is amazing to see them move forward!

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