Call of Duty Championship 2016: Group A Predictions



Thu 25th Aug 2016 - 12:48pm

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It's just a week until the biggest Call of Duty tournament in history begins. The 2016 Call of Duty Championship will see 32 teams compete for a share of $2million in prize money. Here at Infused, I'll be attempting to predict the results for each group. Today I'll be taking a look at Group A.

Black Forest Gaming (EU)

Ryan | Kraqz | LouiCM | Revolt


Having recently been acquired by German games developer Black Forest Games, this European team only formed in July but managed to qualify for CoD XP. During the online qualifier, the team lost to Team Vitality, meaning they’re heading into the group stages with a lower seed. In my opinion, XP will be a great learning curve for some of Europe’s future stars. However, I can’t see them making it into the knockout phase of the competition.


Player To Watch: Kraqz


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Livin’ The Dream (NA)

Pacman | Whea7s | Accuracy | Ivy


The former TSM roster are the only North American team in Group A. After a rough season in Stage 2 of the CWL, the squad consisting of some of the most experienced players in the scene will be looking to make an impact on the biggest stage of the year. Having taken OpTic Gaming to a deciding game 7 earlier in the year, the team certainly can cause an upset against Europe’s best in the group.


Player To Watch: Accuracy


Splyce (EU)

Rated | Joshh | Bance | Joee


Splyce have widely been regarded as one of the best teams in Europe during the Black Ops 3 season. Finishing 2nd to OpTic Gaming at ESWC seems to have put them on the map when it comes to international CoD. Breakout player Bance has impressed many during the course of the CWL and has been the best player in Europe according to teammate Rated. With expectations higher that ever for European teams, it’s looking good for Splyce to top the group.


Player To Watch: Rated


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Millenium (EU)

Swanny | Jurd | Madcat | Tommey


Named the European godsquad by many, Millenium are heading into XP as the number one team in Europe. They looked unstoppable during Stage 1 but their online performances during Stage 2 took a turn for the worse. Friction within the team saw Madcat announce his departure from the team but quickly reversed his decision. Stage 2 seemed to be a resurgence for the team, comfortably beating Splyce in the finals. Millenium will have to be on top form if they’re to make it out of the group.


Player To Watch: Madcat


Image result for millenium cod



1st) Splyce 3-0

2nd) Millenium 2-1

3rd) Livin’ The Dream 1-2

4th) Black Forest Gaming 0-3


Both Millenium and Splyce have been practicing hard ahead of the big tournament. I think they’re both capable of advancing into the bracket. Although Livin’ The Dream could be a stumbling block, I think that it should be comfortable for two of Europe’s best teams. It will be a challenge for Black Forest to take a series but it will be a great experience for the next generation of European players.

Check back soon for our Group B predictions!

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